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About Quack Like a Duck


Quack Like a Duck is a raiding guild on Thrall-US. Our goal out of all of this is to become one of the premier 3 night raiding guilds in the United States. We have strong, experienced leadership and the will and knowledge to pursue this goal and take it to the sky.


Our expectations are simple. We expect people to show up to raid with knowledge of the encounters we will be working on. We are extremely unrelenting about the basics. Using the proper glyphs, using the proper class for the proper mechanics etc. We expect people to play the superior spec for their class on a per fight basis and do well. We are not a hand holding guild. We give each member every chance and opportunity to succeed and from there it is up to the individual. We expect people to maintain strong attendance. Missing for real life emergencies and planned events is acceptable but "hey the guys and i are going out to the bar" and similar is not a good enough excuse. Ultimately, our biggest expectation is for every raider to improve. No one is too good to take another step forward.


The above section briefly outlined our future goals. To be a bit more detailed, for this tier our aim is to solidify and build our roster as well as full clear mythic content while sticking to our 9 hour a week raid schedule. 


Our guild has a fairly unique atmosphere and eclectic collection of weirdos, inbreds, degenerates, and what have yous, which leads to some fairly interesting conversations. Our guild is not a place for people with thin skin. In raid we push everyone to play well and keep raid focused. We address problems that rise up directly and deal with them before they become habits. Being able to handle criticism and handle the pressure of being held to high standard are two must have qualities in our guild. Outside of raid we hang out in vent a lot and talk a lot, as many of us are close friends. 


In Quack Like a Duck, we use loot as a tool for progression. We favor the loot council system, which allows us to give out loot in a way that benefits progression the most. We base our decisions on player performance, attendance, and attitude. A player who dies a lot or does low damage, healing, or mitigates damage poorly will be far less likely to receive loot over one of our players who consistently performs well, and to be honest probably wont pass trial anyways.


In order to become a full Member of Quack Like a Duck you must pass trial. Trial with us last approximately two weeks and during this time your play, and decision making is closely monitored and scrutinized. This gives us a chance to evaluate your skill level and see if you are really to handle high end content or not. This also gives you a chance to see if we are really the right guild for you. During this time you are last in line for loot. Many players who pass trial find themselves at the front once and if they pass .

Raid Schedule

Tuesday 8:30pm-11:30pm EST
Thursday 8:30pm-11:30pm EST
Monday 8:30pm-11:30pm EST

If you are interested please contact any of our officers via battletag below after reading the information in this link:

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